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Amazing creations, anime figures, & concept designs of anything. A Gallery of highly detailed work of art! Hope you love it as much as i do. Now go check out the coool stuff!  Enjoy!      n-^_^-m


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      Anime , Dragons , Airships , Monsters , Youngevityproducts

         Objects created from polymer clays, plastics, silicone, evafoam & cardboard. 

         Sculptures, caricatures, digital art, logos, tat2 designs, & more!


                                                                - I saw the Angel in the marble, and carved until i set her free."

Anime character: Jana       

Cardboard armor and weapons
 Cyborgs, Mechs, monsters ..
Disney's Jack Skelington!          

Bio mechanical nightmare, digital art   

 2012 apocalypse Hero  :)              


Just a sneak peak!


I have spent hours, days, and now years, acquiring elements to synthesize rare objects.. Grasp your inner ability, focus on the main goals, have passion and discipline. Any achievement is possible,. Its just a matter of time!
I appreciate everyone for looking! And very grateful for all the visitors. ^.^ ..Thanks to family and friends the guinea pigs, for encouraging me, or just hanging out. :P   
I enjoy my hobbies, with inspirations from many.. Still practicing different methods, styles, researching, tidbits, this and that.. Im working on mastering this craft.. Special thanks to the heavens, for granting me with talent, on loan from God..  Allowing these exquisite visions, of dreams, to become real.
 Share your imaginations with me.. Let my intuition mold it, and we can help it come alive!     -nsin

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Nelson Mercado
California bay Salad bowl Monterey
Health and fitness is a precious part of life. Let me show you how to live healthier and happier! :)

Seeing is believing, and I want you to believe in me.

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