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                                                   Anime figurines!


Heroins of Nibiru cataclysm on Dec. 21, 2012.

Space pirates on gliese 581, plan on looting a large cargo liner. With their mighty sky ship, the FUcorsair, equipped with many gadgets, looms.. Its control station, with it sights, ready.. The Gunner in cockpit, flips the cannon switch on, "We're now in position!" a woman yells. Its viewsight aimed directly on the liners steam engine.. An area monitored by an engineer, that day he brought along his two children, and their cat..

 The captain looks on, peeping into the telescope.. "on my order!..  ..Steady now..  ..Aim ..And!!!..........."

  "Caaaptain waiiit!!" Jana shouts.

Pirate ship intercpts security distress call, from the headquarters. causing an alarm, and setting failsafe., Just enough time to deactivate cannon..  And one of the the worst news in history..

Their new mission, to stop a massive asteroid headed towards Earth's moon..        -nsin

To be continued..

  Jana 8" scupture

                                                                              -Its not what you look at that matters, it's what you see"

Eris Anaitis 11" sculpture 

The last picture above, and all other similar digital art. Blondie being my first, of many illustrations, using a lifebook wacom tablet. Always wanted to be a graphic designer, amongst other professions. Still learning a lot, with its wide range of tools, Corel painter X is what im currently using, alot like photoshop.

Codename Nibira.. 

                                                                                                  -Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop"
Over 250 hrs. (1year span) The completion delayed me about 40hrs. Due to my child, destroying it, :( On the bright side, extra ideas were developed, while rebuilding her. This figurine will soon be molded.

                                            -Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up"

Byebye kitty

Local pet of gliese 581 cat family mystic mammal.
Bye bye kitty is my 2nd attempt, at molding and casting. Succesfully allowing me to make duplicates.. Dropping the cost and time to create these figures! Painted, this toy includes it's weapons, an alloy claw and blaster. With generic box.

Last digital art pic due to broken tablet, until next one..

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