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                                                            -Can anything be sadder than unfinished work? ..Yes, work never begun"

Most figures await their completion. These projects take diligence, precision, and concentration. But soon, as time allows, i will persevere. Folks, please be patient with me, im dedicated to this, & will update soon.. Many projects.. Next up?.. An endless progress of creating another toy.

While gazing at the clouds, i noticed one standing out, darker and faster than the rest.. Moving along the the mountain peak, sparking with lightning.. It was shaped like a pirate ship..  

Sky vessels (beggining stages)
Cloud rides!   Airwater ships


20' Triton jr wave fighter. 8 persons 

 400' Bot defense liner. Mineral commercial fleet. 900 persons
The last picture above is a cooling vent, for hoods on vehicles. I couldnt make a good mold, so maybe ill try later. 

Electro-mechanical machine came to mind, while working on the figure below. Along with some monster heads too.
Robo girl believes shes a real person.. Dreams like you and me.. Soon after finding out her true reality, she erupts with dry tears, a point of ill behavior, deceived by crew memebers, crushing her desires. 

 Why does she have feelings? a robot with a soul & empty pleasures.

 Later that night, she attempts to escape the lab.. However, the plan is unsuccesful.. After being immobalized, techs disassemble her, then prepare to replace brain cpu. While transferring the brains, one member, stares at her cpu, contemplating, and realizing the memory in his hand. It was able to touch his heart.  to be continued..   -nsin

^_^ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Various monsters heads..


Dairugir vessel. The mechVes, half machine half living structure. Colossal in size, capable of destroying airships, cities or anything in its path.. Controlled by 5 pilots, occupied by 400 persons. The giant stands 200 stories tall.

This is similar to the Japanese robot toys, Godaikin, Voltron, etc. But my own style design.

Missing here, a bust sculpture of a monster, from Ridley Scott's movie, ALIEN. Created by H.R. Giger, an incredible visionary, out of this world artist. He inspired me, throughout my early childhood.

next time!


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