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With Youngevity, you can make dreams come true!

Imagine, waking up each day full of energy and vitality, functioning at top form, both mentally and physically, having that unmistakable glow of radiant good health! And naturally lose weight, even though its not made for that! That’s what Youngevity is all about. To help change your life!

You dont need that prescription! Drugs are temporary aids to your symptoms! I mean unless you have a major disabilitating injury, even then. most health problems can be cured.. If you know someone with a disease, illness, sickness, weight problem, or just want to feel great! Well, i have good deal of information to share.

I felt like an old man, and the doctors told me, your spine is equivalent to that of a senior citizen. Wtf lol, but we didnt think it was funny. :( After everything failed.. Youngevity came into my life, and cured my problems, mainly with my degenetarive disk disease. After nothing else worked for me, i tried everything, deep tissues massage, physical therapy, chiropratic, electrolysis, cordazone shots, and other crap, surgery was next..  

As of April, 2013. My activites are running, cross fit, weight training, and nutrition. Goals this year are half marathons, keeping up with my kids, and hoping to make others smile :)

Im telling you, insure yourself, the guy who invented this is Dr. Joel Wallach, and he hasnt been to the doctors office for over 60 years, he self diagnosis himself, and shows how we can perform this ourselfs. If the majority of folks knew this, the medical industry would be a disaster. Most Doctors are not nutritionist. And alot of them should be in jail!

Becoming an associate, save, and perhaps start a side or home business too! :)

Let me sign you up, get discounts on products, a website, and maybe lots of $$$$! Its only a one time fee of $10.

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Heard these guys speak a while back, eat like the gods :)

Hey, thanks for stoping by, new sculptures updates will be up shortly, see you again mkay! :)

For art inquiry, or an idea in mind, please fill out form, email or call for faster response!

With 100 percent pride, thriving to meet or exceed the quality standards, expected by detailed one of a kind art designs. Your satisfaction guaranteed. 
Support your local craftsman, and our US economy. :)

Kickstarter project in the plans soon!

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